May 18

Theresa Scotto never thought she would be running a music studio

Theresa Scotto never thought she would be running a music studio. But as fate would have it, her teenage daughter Gabriella started taking vocal lessons and, as Scotto sat waiting for her in the studio, she realized wholesale jerseys China it would be the perfect setting for children’s birthday parties. Within just a few weeks, the company was running as a pop-up in Midtown. The response was overwhelming.

“I would get calls every day. ‘My daughter can sing.’ ‘My son can play the drums. Do you have lessons?’” Scotto explained. “And the answer was always, ‘No,’ because I cheap jerseys was just renting space.” That When all changed after Charlie Walk, executive vice president of Republic Records, had Scotto host his daughter’s birthday party. “You need your own studio,” he told her. And with that, The Chord Club by Billboard was born.

The state-of-the-art Upper East Side facility is complete with a recording studio. “The way I built it, Mariah Carey can come in and record Bishop an album. So this is a real, working studio. This not just a kiddie place,” Scotto explained. The studio is open to both children and adults, and offers everything drakt from vocal coaching and DJ classes to drum lessons and songwriting cheap jerseys instruction.

Scotto still hosts her signature birthday parties, where kids are made to feel like real recording artists as they work with an engineer in the control booth and record a track using their own voices. She hadn’t anticipated that adults wanted in on all the fun too. “We’re getting a tremendous amount of interest now for adult parties, which we didn’t even world! factor in,” she said. They now throw not cheap nfl jerseys only birthday parties, but corporate team building events and bachelorette parties for that demographic.