May 18
Chord Club Birthday Parties

A Birthday Party at The Chord Club

For children who are seven and up, we do a recording party. We give out welcome kits with VIP passes, glasses, glow rings. And then there’s a Step and Repeat She that cheap nfl jerseys they take pictures in front of which has our logo and well as Billboard’s behind it. Our party counselors, we call them “Chord-inators,” take them into the recording studio. There’s an engineer in the control booth who works with them. They get headphones as if wholesale nfl jerseys they were recording artists. We have dropdown screens be so the words come down for them. They’re recording to a track, but it’s their own voices. And the birthday child gets to sing a solo. We have a great party space in the back where we can accommodate up to 80 people.

What’s the demographic of the adults who take classes there?

We’re seeing that 29- to 42-year-old cheap jerseys group come in with four to eight people and all do a class together. Then we’re w4l3XzY3 seeing that younger market, which is more like 18 to 26. Everyone thinks they’re going to be the next Avicii. They’re coming in and they want to do this cheap nba jerseys for a living. And the younger kids- the boys go crazy with the DJ-ing. And it’s Post so funny to see the difference. With the girls, it’s all about singing and with the boys, it’s all about DJ-ing and the Pro Tools.

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